Germany: Solar-Konzept begins work on 28 MWp PV park


At 28 megawatts peak (MWp), the €50 million photovoltaic park will be spread across 40 hectares in Markt Giebelstadt community, Bavaria, Germany, on the grounds of a former NATO airport. The land has been leased for a 20 year period by the Federal Office for Real Estate, and the project is expected to generate enough energy to supply up to 32,000 inhabitants annually.

REC Solar will supply the 120,000 solar modules needed for the project. The Norwegian manufacturer says this is the largest project it has been involved in to date.

Permission to build the park was granted by the district council. Helmut Krämer, Mayor of the Markt Giebelstadt community commented: "For us, the transition to green energy begins today! We consider solar the energy of the future. We are excited about the innovative use of this former military base and support the project."

Just last week, another mammoth solar project was announced in the German state. IBC Solar broke ground on a 27.5 MWp project. Jura Solarparks, which is comprised of six photovoltaic projects, is scheduled to be completed and grid connected by this September.