7 MW US Government installation nears completion


E Light Wind and Solar has installed the plants and SolarWorld panels have been used. A planned third and final stage of the project will see a further 3.5 MW of photovoltaic capacity installed including two ground mounted solar arrays and carport structures. It is expected to be online by the end of 2011.

The GSA is a government administration body that manages federal government workplace solutions and GSA’s Susan Damour said, "we are well on the way of becoming the greenest campus by 2020," in a statement. The additional funding for the seven MW of installations was received in 2009.

SolarWorld’s Kevin Kilkelly said that the project demonstrated how important the solar industry is to America in terms of energy production and job creation. "Renewable energy technology and its manufacture and installation are more than mere sources of clean electricity," said Kilkelly, "they are the very keys to the nation’s energy supply and affordability, international and economic stability, and environmental and climate stewardship."