Belectric grid connects CIS PV plant in Germany


The Wildflecken solar project is located in the Hohen Rhön region, on former military grounds.

It is kitted out with 4,240 of Solar Frontier’s photovoltaic modules, which were manufactured at the company’s new 900 megawatt (MW) production facility in Japan. The system is said to be Solar Frontier’s first ground-mount project fitted with its new modules.

According to a statement released by Belectric, the system generates enough energy to supply 158 four-person households. Commenting, project manager, Günther Blank, said: "The solar power plant is an outstanding example for the compatibility of sustainable and environmentally friendly energy supply as well as the preservation of the traditional landscape of a region."

Earlier today, it was announced that Solar Frontier has been selected by juwi to supply 30,000 CIS modules to a 3.8 MW CIS project. It will be North America’s first utility scale ground-mounted CIS project.