Conergy to stamp modules, "Made in Europe"


Under technical guidelines published to expand on policy set down in the fourth "Conto Energia", customers with Conergy photovoltaic systems will qualify for a Italian FIT rate that is 10 percent higher.

The company claims that its modules, inverters and mounting systems all meet the Italian requirements and also claims it is one of the only companies to in a position to comply with "virtually" all of the regulations.

Conergy is active in many photovoltaic markets worldwide and has built a number of solar power plants in Italy, under the previous FIT scheme.

It has had a tough time in 2011 with the Hamburg-based company having to revise down its sales foreasts and face allegations of incorrectly reporting sales with subsidiaries, however. As if to add insult to injury, Conergy CFO Sebastian Biedenkopf was struck by lightening in June.