US: 2 MW project for low-income families


Local firm Planet Solar was the installer on the project and has told pv magazine that it selected SolarWorld modules to keep the entire project, "as local as possible." 7,200 SolarWorld photovoltaic modules were used.

Solar installations went up in 21 sites around Santa Barbara County and three different electricity utilities were also involved in facilitating the project.

Manufacturer SolarWorld claims to have been the supplier solar projects for low-income households elsewhere in the U.S.

"SolarWorld is heartened to be part of a project that delivers the benefits of solar technology to low-income members of our community," said Kevin Kilkelly, President of SolarWorld Americas, in a statement announcing the project’s completion. A ribbon cutting ceremony was held north of the city of Santa Barbara yesterday.

The project, which is understood to be the largest of 3,200 similar solar projects nationwide, received USD$6 million in federal funding. Congresswoman Lois Capps highlighted the benefit of the installations for both job creation and savings for low-income families. "The installation of these new solar panels created good paying jobs, and will result in lower energy bills for families throughout Santa Barbara County for years to come."