Enecsys presents Duo microinverter


The 360-watt addition to the Enecsys microinverter family is a high power density microinverter with dimensions of 262 by 160 by 35 millimeters.

The company states that the new microinverter is designed to decrease costs while at the same time function as a fully independent power point tracking system for two connected photovoltaic modules. The DC power from the two modules is converted into a single, grid-compliant AC output in the microinverter Enecsys Duo.

The bigger advantage, as Enecsys Europe states, is that system layout and planning is simplified and installation time as well as costs are decreased because only half the number of microinverters are needed for every system.

The company claims that the Enecsys Duo will have comparable capital costs to systems that use string inverters but will deliver five to 20 percent more energy.

The Enecsys Duo microinverter has a 95 percent peak efficiency and a 93 percent euro efficiency. It is also based on the same patented technology that is employed in other Enecsys microinverters. Furthermore, it maintains full performance from minus 40 degrees Celsius to plus 85 degrees Celsius.

Stand: B7/C28