US: Arizona State University hits 10 MW PV capacity


The 10 MW, made up of a number of different photovoltaic projects, reportedly represents around 20 percent of ASU’s peak load.

The systems have been installed on the top floors of parking structures and buildings across the university’s Tempe and West campuses.

The latest one, which has taken installed capacity up to 10 MW, is a 168-kilowatt (kW), ground-mount photovoltaic project on the Tempe campus.

"Ten megawatts is a pinnacle for ASU and represents years of dedication to working toward our campus sustainability goals," said David Brixen, ASU’s associate vice president of Facilities Development and Management. "To the best of our knowledge, this is the largest solar installation at a single university in the United States."

ASU’s solar installations are said to be facilitated, in part, by the APS Renewable Energy Incentive Program.