Solar Millennium and Claassen to restart settlement negotiations


Werner Meyer, presiding judge of the second chamber of the District Court of Nuremberg-Fürth, sitting in commercial affairs, stated last Friday that Solar Millennium and Claassen have until the end of November to reach a settlement regarding Claassen’s signing fee.

However, it was said that if no settlement is reached, there is a prospect that negotiations could be extended until next March or April. In a statement issued, it was added that the court will preside over the negotiations.

Helmut Pflaumer, Solar Millennium’s supervisory board chairman commented, "If, against all expectations, the settlement talks are ineffective, we’ll pursue the claims of the company and its shareholders in court."

He added, "The top priority is to find an acceptable solution for the company and its shareholders. We would very glad if this could be done through a settlement moderated by the court."