US islands kitted out with PV systems


The first project, a 450 kilowatt (kW) system installed by OneWorld Sustainable and comprised of 1,806 SolarWorld modules, will be unveiled tomorrow, September 14 on St Thomas, in the Virgin Islands.

The 1,600 foot photovoltaic array is located parallel to the Cyril E. King airport. Students from the University of the Virgin Islands, looking to gain practical installation experience, helped out with construction work.

Meanwhile, on American Samoa, 17 photovoltaic projects are in the pipeline. Under the announced plans, SolarWorld will supply 350 kW worth of modules for systems to be installed on 10 schools and seven government buildings. The systems will be built by Island Energy and Marine of Pago-Pago, Samoa.

Previously, SolarWorld provided modules for a 680 kW project on the island, which is spread across 24 buildings. Funded by the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act, the buildings included 10 commercial, 12 government and two non-profits buildings.