Ontario renewable industry tries to rally voters


The two advertisements make the case for continuing to support jobs in the renewable energy sector, arguing 20,000 high-tech jobs have been created in Ontario since the Green Energy and Green Economy Act came into effect in mid-2009.

The bill, and some would argue young industry, is under threat as the frontrunner in the looming elections is the opposition conservative party, which has vowed to kill the legislation. Opposition Leader Tim Hudak has been quoted as saying, "The deal is a rip-off […] we will end the FIT program."

Under Ontario’s FIT legislation domestic content requirements have seen the photovoltaic industry grow with a number of companies basing facilities there, including Canadian Solar and Siliken SA.

Some of the jobs in photovoltaics and renewables have been created in formerly industrial areas such as the town of Windsor, that have been hit very hard by the global financial crisis and shocks suffered by the American motor industry. Windsor had previously served many of the large automobile manufacturers across the border.

On announcing the advertising campaign, Kristopher Stevens, OSEA’s Executive Director said, "We would never tell Ontarians how to vote, but they need to know there are choices. We are asking voters to consider the future of green energy in Ontario on Election Day."

The ads will run from September 16 until October 4 and can be viewed at: http://tiny.cc/oseatvspots

The October edition of pv magazine includes a feature article about the Ontario photovoltaic market.