Italy: 5 MW rooftop installation under construction


While the most recent photovoltaic trade-show SPI wound up only last week, a major exhibition center venue in Italy is expanding its installed photovoltaic capacity. In 2009 a 1.7 megawatts (MW) of modules were installed on roofs at the site and now a further five MW will be added.

Conergy is the company behind both installations and claims, in a release announcing the new installation, the first park performed far better than planned.

Franco Boni, President of the Parma Exhibition Center explains the context for the expanded installation. "The new plant is part of our comprehensive modernization program for the halls and at the same time an ecological showcase in exhibition construction, of which we are very proud."

22,000 Conergy PowerPlus modules will be used and will generate more power that the Parma Exhibition Center will consume, making it an "energy plus" building. 16 Conergy IPG C central inverters will feed the excess electricity back into the grid.

Cariparma Crédit provided the loans for the installation. Conergy Italy boss Giuseppe Sofia said that the installation will be a showcase of the company’s large-scale systems, "we see a great deal of potential here in Italy for the future. Besides the topic of sustainability, companies are increasingly trying to tackle the rising energy prices in the country."

Conergy’s systems give an additional advantage in Italy as, being certified "Made in E.U.", they qualify for a 10 percent higher feed-in tariff under Italy’s "Quarto Conto Energia".