Malaysia: Release of FIT quotas and further regulations for PV


SEDA has released new quotas due to the disqualification of some earlier feed-in tariff (FIT) applications which have been verified to be accompanied by incomplete or inaccurate documentation. New quota releases will be available online on the e-FIT online system and will commence tomorrow at 10:00 a.m., Malaysian time. Interested applicants who failed to secure any quota before are advised to be ready with their documents for the new FIT application.

SEDA Malaysia has capped the applications for solar PV for different categories in order to ensure a fairer share. The applications under the individual category, primarily meant for residential applications has now been limited to 12 kW each and multiple applications for the same installed site are not allowed.

Non-individual applications for small PV systems is capped at 500 kW while the earlier cap of five MW for non-individual applications for large PV systems remains. SEDA’s CEO Badriyah Abdul Malek says this limit is needed as SEDA has to efficiently manage the RE Fund. Under Section 3 of the RE Act 2011, SEDA is responsible for the fair competition and transparency in implementation of the FITs. It has to provide the opportunity for more players to get a share of the limited quota.

When the e-FIT online system was launched beginning of this month, the quota for solar PV for non-individual applications was all taken up within two hours. SEDA, thus, re-evaluated the caps for solar PV.