UK: Court of Appeal hears FIT appeal


The Court of Appeal will initially adjudicate as to whether the Government appeal has merit and then, if successful, the appeal itself.

Friends of the Earth Andy Atkins said, in a statement, that 30,000 jobs in the sector are at risk: "This appeal will only add to the cloud of uncertainty hanging over the solar industry."

The NGO and solar industry in the UK have been angered by the Government’s sudden cuts to the FIT rate and its linking to energy efficiency requirements for households. The High Court ruled last month that because the cuts came in before a public consultation process concluded, that they were unlawful.

2011 was a boom year for solar in the UK. Bloomberg reported yesterday that installed capacity had increased ten fold from 2010. Total installed capacity amounted to 761.9 megawatt (MW), according figures from the energy regulator Ofgem, up from only 76.8 MW last year.

Ofgem figures reveal that the rush to complete installations has been particularly pronounce in recent months. Half of the 761.9 MW was installed in the last two months of 2011 alone.