GE to supply PV to wind project


The Grande Ridge project is in Illinois and when complete will be the largest solar installation in the mid-west region of the U.S.

In announcing the supply agreement, GE pointed out that by combining wind and solar in this way, it could very quickly account for all of its photovoltaic capacity. If solar is added to only ten percent of the wind projects it has already supplied, then GE would sell out all of the capacity from its 400-MW fab, currently under construction, for six years. GE has, to date, supplied 27 GW of wind turbines around the world.

Additionally to thin-film modules, GE will also supply inverters, transformers, re-combiners and GE SunIQ controls to the Grand Ridge project.

Citing cost as being key, GE announced it would be building a photovoltaic module plant in Colorado in October, 2011. It will use cadmium telluride (CdTe) technology in its modules. The January edition of pv magazine included a special report on the move.