Powerway invests in South African production facilities


In a statement released, the company announced that it will manufacture its Powerfit, PowerScrew and PowerTracker products across South Africa. In total, it intends to set up six production bases in locations including Kimberley, De Ar and Upington.

The investment is said to come partly from self-financing and partly via bank loans, and is estimated to be completed in six months. After this, the company says it will then be able to supply mounting structures for over 500 megawatts worth of solar farms annually. "…for this …," said the statement, "we will need over 30,000 tons of steel, and over 500 tons of extruded aluminum material on an annual basis."

Powerway has established its own technical team to support the endeavor and reports that it has already been awarded jobs worth between 50 and 75 MW for the "newly announced PV projects in South Africa".

Additionally, the Chinese company says it will set up galvanizing facilities for the steel structures of solar farms, and a training center for the local workforce in Kimberley. "Powerway plans to invest in training centers to train local managers and workforce to produce state-of-the-art mounting structures that is necessary for utility scale solar farms," continued the statement.

Benson Wu, CEO of Powerway added that South Africa’s Northern Cape Province will see the majority of solar farm activity, due to the volume of "vacant" land and high irradiation.