Bosch starts PV module production in France


Located near Lyon, construction work on the facility lasted for a reported eight months. In a statement released, the company adds that at peak production, expected to be reached in July, 2,000 units will be produced daily, or 600,000 annually.

The company further explains that the production lines are flexible, meaning that five different types of mono- and poly-crystalline modules can be developed.

"With the factory in Vénissieux, we have moved closer to our customers in France, Southern Europe and North Africa and, as such, we can better and more quickly respond to their requirements," says Jürgen Pressl, member of the Bosch Solar Energy board of management and responsible for production.

Previously the Vénissieux site was used for the production of common rail injection pumps, however, due to declining demand, it was discontinued last year. Following the establishment of the new module facility, says Bosch, 200 jobs have been kept.