Germany: An awaited ban of photovoltaic systems?


Groscurth, in a statement made to the German media ‘Die Zeit’, states that he sees a possible ban on the development of new photovoltaic installations. From the point of view of the Hamburg-based research institute head, the slashing of subsidies will not be enough to curb the "uncontrolled growth of additional photovoltaic plants".

However, at the same time, the issue is magnified by the fact that more and more highly fluctuating streams of solar power will be flowing into the grid. Groscurth says that from this angle there would be problems for local grid operators. He therefore sees a more radical approach looming, in the form of a ban.

From the Federal Solar Industry Association’s point of view, the low voltage networks, with a total investment input of €1.1 million can indeed be retrofitted for the inclusion of 70 gigawatts of solar power by 2020. At the moment, 24 GW of installed output exist. The association sees this problem of grid integration as a solvable issue, one that can be fixed with not too much money.