EPIA: 2011 capacity figures confirmed


EPIA Secretary General Reinhold Buttgereit acknowledged that market expansion outside of Europe, in Asia and the Americas, is not only likely but also crucial for the industry to grow. Buttgereit wrote in the report, "[In 2011] it also became clear in 2011 that new markets outside of Europe will have to be developed if PV is to continue its growth trend."

The rapid changes to the feed-in tariffs and support programs in key markets for photovoltaics in 2011 were also covered. EPIA indicated that its role in communicating with government and keeping engaging in debate in the media surrounding these issues is an increasingly important one.

In particular Buttgereit wrote: "Solar Photovoltaics Competing in the Energy Sector – On the road to competitiveness" was featured in over 100 articles in 11 different languages. The report was released in September.

EPIA also indicated, in its annual report, that it underwent a restructuring in 2011 to better carry out its lobbying and pubic relations efforts. EPIA President Ingmar Wilhelm wrote: "To better achieve industry goals, EPIA retooled itself in 2011 with a new, more efficient internal structure and a stronger focus on key lobbying messages."