New report highlights best practices in PV


The report highlights the best practices that are undertaken to protect workers and the environment during the production of solar panels. As You Sow surveyed more than 100 solar companies to compile the report.

The report presents the process of manufacturing panels, the risks involved, and how companies can actually mitigate these risks. The practices and policies of different photovoltaic companies to mitigate risks from hazardous compounds, reduce environmental impact and responsibly manage supply chains are highlighted.

The organization also acertains that even with manufacturing challenges, the generation of electricity from solar is significantly safer to the environment and workers than the production of electricity from coal and natural gas.

Three sections entail this report:

  • Environmental, social and governance considerations used by socially responsible investors and examples of how photovoltaic manufacturers are already implementing these practices;
  • Cross-platform technical opportunities; and
  • Environmental health and safety risks in manufacturing particular to each technology and the best practices companies are using to mitigate these risks.

The report can be downloaded here.