Global Solar Council denies dumping link


The new body has been forced to issue a release denying that its main motivation for the establishment of council was the SolarWorld-led trade case. "Recent media claims that the Global Solar Council (GSC) was set up in response to current dumping claims proceeding through the U.S. Commerce Department process are incorrect.

"The Global Solar Council is a CEO-led coalition of global companies working to promote a favorable political framework for solar power, unrelated to any active trade disputes," it stated, adding, "One of its objectives … is to create awareness among stakeholders that free and open market conditions are essential to maintain a thriving global market for solar energy."

In the short interview below, executive director of the GSC, Roland-Jan Meijer, answers some questions put forth by pv magazine.

What is the council’s first priority?

The council’s goal is to increase the deployment of cost-competitive solar energy in the global energy mix.

Will members meet on a regular basis?

The members of the council will meet regularly to advance this important global industry.

How will they, specifically, execute their strategy?

Members of the Global Solar Council will communicate with senior policy makers on the substantial successes already achieved by solar and the importance of a public policy environment that will allow the ongoing development of solar energy, driving job creation and economic growth.

Is there a time frame for the goals to be met?

The Global Solar Council’s long-term goal is to increase global deployment of solar energy in a sustainable fashion. We have seen significant recent expansions in solar and concurrent improvements in economics and we want to see that continue.

Why was the council established, given that there are already industry associations?

The Global Solar Council’s founding members realized the need for an organization whose role would be complementary to the work done by trade associations. The council will work in concert with existing trade associations and other groups. We do see an opportunity to complement their work by having these global companies across the solar value chain inform key politicians and opinion leaders on the economic, social, and environmental benefits of solar energy and the importance of continuing its expansion.

How many members is the council targeting?

The Global Solar Council is made up of key players along the global solar PV value chain. We do not have a specific target for the number of members but we want it to remain relatively small.

How did the idea come about to set the council up?

A group of global solar industry leaders saw the benefits of creating the GSC as a vehicle to communicate the benefits and importance of solar.

Is it in response to the U.S.-China trade case?

The Global Solar Council’s mission is to promote the global development and growth of solar energy. One of its objectives, therefore, is to create awareness among stakeholders that free and open market conditions are essential to maintaining a thriving global market for solar energy. There are current and emerging solar- related trade issues that we have taken note of.