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US legal experts dispel 14 false claims about solar, wind, electric vehicles

Columbia Law School has collected and rebutted 33 false claims against clean energy technology as part of its ongoing research on climate change.


EU launches anti-subsidy investigation against Longi, Shanghai Electric

The European authorities are trying to determine whether two consortia – including subsidiaries of Longi and Shanghai Electric – violated the new EU rules on foreign subsidies when they participated in a procurement process in Romania for a 110 MW solar farm. The European Commission is expected to make a final decision within 110 working days.


Underrepresentation of women in solar requires ‘holistic approach’

In the second article of a series, Women in Solar Europe (WiSEu) gives voice to its president, Carmen Madrid. She says the solar and energy storage industries are full of opportunities for women, but a correct path must be set.


European Parliament approves legal requirement to install solar on buildings

Legislation that would require EU member states to integrate solar installations into future building works, and retroactively install PV on buildings, is one step closer to becoming law, after being approved by members of the European Parliament.


Landscape change indicators for agrivoltaics

Dutch scientists have developed new landscape change indicators (LCIs) for agrivoltaic projects. The novel methodology is meant to assist policymakers and project developers mitigate the visual and environmental impact of agrivoltaic facilities.


Moldova to launch first tenders for 60 MW of fixed-price solar

The Moldovan government is preparing to launch the country’s first renewables auctions, which will seek to procure 105 MW of wind and 60 MW of solar projects. The tenders will take place between April and July.


Piling subcontractor fined after explosion on Australian solar farm

An Australian court has fined a subcontractor providing piling services at Columboola Solar Farm AUD40,000 ($26,300) for failing to comply with a health and safety standards after an aerosol can explosion caused a metal bar to strike a worker.

Israel to use solar fences to protect villages

Against the backdrop of its war with Hamas, Israel has started allowing villages to install solar fences to improve protection for residents.

Strategies to develop ‘solar neighborhoods’

A group of scientists across the world have created a list of recommendations that can help create solar neighborhoods. In a recently published study they highlight the importance of legislative frameworks and advanced computing.


Israel temporarily waives 600 KWh energy storage permits due to war

The Israeli planning regulator says that some storage facilities will not need permit approvals over the next 18 months.

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