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Auditor of solar developer issues disclaimer on 2021 figures

As reported by pv magazine, BDO was not permitted access to the paperwork on 11 solar project companies sold by Shunfeng International in 2020 and, therefore, could not offer an opinion on the financial prospects of the business based on last year’s performance either, given the lack of comparative numbers.


Maxeon, Canadian Solar settle patent infringement lawsuit in Japan

In the lawsuit, Maxeon claimed that Canadian Solar infringed its Japan Patent No. JP6642841B2 for shingled solar modules.


Greek solar company suffers fresh EU court reversal

The European Court of Justice has told Solar Ileias Bompaina that it must pay the costs of both parties in a seven-year dispute stemming from the former Greek government’s move to reduce solar feed-in tariffs and claw back historic payments.

European battery manufacturers unhappy with eco-design and recycling proposals

Industry body Recharge says it would be absurd if the makers of small batteries were required by law to collect and recycle products the size of shipping containers, and claim a requirement individual battery cells be replaceable will pose a safety risk.


Masdar-EDF joint venture bid for more independence

The Emerge operation established by the two companies operates on-site solar panels for companies in the UAE and Saudi Arabia.

Serbia targets 8.3GW of solar by 2024

Serbia is responding to European pressure to accelerate its energy transition to cleaner fuels by allocating €12 billion for wind, PV and hydropower facilities over the next two years. Thus far, there has been little in the way of development in the country, but some regulatory frameworks have been improved.


CPIA pushes back against US ban on solar imports from Xinjiang

The China Photovoltaic Industry Association (CPIA) has criticized the adoption of the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act by the United Stats Congress, which bars all imports from China’s Xinjiang region, and urged the country to stop spreading harmful rumors.


Solar glass anti-dumping case sent back to EU’s general court

German company Glasmanufaktur Brandenburg and the European Commission claimed victory in the latest stage of a case which hinges on whether Chinese business Xinyi PV operates as a free-market manufacturer. The suit has been running since May 2014 and no immediate conclusion appears to be in sight.

GCL accepts it has lost 865 million shares in its solar project business

An investigation into the financier which promised to lend the polysilicon company’s solar project development arm $60 million two years ago, has turned up nothing more than an address in St Kitts and Nevis and allegations of fraud against one of its key personnel.

Polysilicon amid international trade disputes

Polysilicon capacity is unable to catch up with rapid capacity expansion in the mid and downstream segments, writes Corrine Lin, chief analyst for PV InfoLink. New polysilicon capacity requires big capex investment and a lead time of more than two years to complete construction and reach full operation. With unbalanced capacity between the upstream and downstream segments, polysilicon prices have been rising since the second half of 2020, with prices for mono-grade polysilicon surpassing CNY 200/kg ($27.40) in June 2021, up more than 250% year on year.


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