Joint effort


The joint photovoltaic product range on offer from the two companies now covers two new product lines: COOL SIDE, for patented aluminum junction boxes, and SMART SIDE, for plastic junction boxes and components, providing solutions for the further development of crystalline modules and for new developments such as organic photovoltaics. The first jointly developed innovations in the SMART SIDE product line are the FPE PL 008 plastic junction box and the EPIC SOLAR 4, a solar connector that can be assembled manually.

Thanks to their identical inner design, the FPE AL 008 (COOL SIDE) aluminum junction box and the new FPE PL 008 (SMART SIDE) can be interchanged within the production. The pre-assembled EPIC SOLAR 4 THIN is compatible with the new EPIC Solar 4 solar connector, has double locking hooks and is available for 2.5 and 4 to 6 mm cables. By crimping the connector to the cable, system installers can join the cables and the Lapp/FPE junction boxes.