PV to grow in 2013 and stocks to bounce


In analysis that may raise some eyebrows, Reuters has reported that Deutsche Bank analyst Vishal Shah has predicted the solar market to grow in 2013. At the same time, new reports from the National Traders Association have also picked some solar stocks as winners in the coming year.

The impetus behind the growth of the photovoltaic market, report Reuters, will be growth in China, the U.S. and India, which will more than offset declines in Germany and Italy. Deutsche Bank issued the note to investors last week. The note advises that the Chinese market will more than double to 10 GW in 2013, the Indian market to triple to 4 GW and the U.S. to grow by 29%, to 4.5 GW.

On the other side of the ledger, Shah has predicted demand to halve in Germany and Italy – which had previously been the number one and third biggest markets in 2012 respectively.

Other analysts are also being bullish on solar stocks. The National Traders Association released a report today in which it pointed to First Solar’s extended collaboration with R&D optimization company Intermolecular as a driver of improvements for the U.S. thin film manufacturer and project developer.

The National Traders Association also pointed to the recently listed SolarCity as being a stock for investors to watch, saying that the increase of its installed capacity in Q4 2012 another sign of strong growth. SolarCity updated its Q4 installation figures to 156 MW, an increase of 10 MW from its initial target for the quarter.

"We anticipate a strong macro trend toward companies focusing on renewable resources and eco-friendly products," wrote the National Traders Association in the second report it released today.

The advice from the U.S. stock analysts comes on the day that Suntech shares regained the minimum price level required for listing on the New York Stock Exchange.