Conergy enters Romanian market


Conergy has joined the ranks of companies supplying or developing projects in the promising eastern European market Romania. Suntech, ReneSolar and ET Solar has all announced supply or project development deals in the country in the last three months.

The 2.2 MW plant that Conergy will develop will be located near the Romanian town of Craiova. Approximately 9,200 modules will be used, manufactured at its fab in Frankfurt (Oder).

In announcing the deal, Conergy emphasized that the Romanian photovoltaic market could grow by fifteen times by 2016, to reach 1.5 GW. Energy authorities in the country had targeted 100 MW of capacity by 2012. "Romania has great potential as a solar growth market in Eastern Europe," said Conergy Board Member Alexander Gorski, in today’s release. "The government intends to cover at least 20% of the country’s energy needs from renewable sources by 2020 and will be relying mainly on solar energy in addition to wind power."

Renewable energy development in Romania is underpinned by a "green certificate" scheme, in which energy intensive industries are compelled to purchase. The Conergy installation will receive around 17,040 certificates under the scheme. The market price for each certificate is fixed until 2025, between €0.27 and €0.55 with unsold certificates being purchased by the national energy regulator.

Conergy did not announce whether it is establishing an office in Romania but did indicate that it intends to use its Italian team to do so.