PV equipment association to cooperate with Saudi solar industry


In recognition of the growing importance of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), and in particular, Saudi Arabian, solar market, the two associations have today announced their intention to work together to promote the benefits of photovoltaics in the region.

According to a statement released, IPVEA and SASIA will regularly consult one another on such issues as localized PV manufacturing. "IPVEA is an excellent partner to share knowledge and experience from the PV manufacturing industry perspective," added Browning Rockwell, SASIA executive director.

The subject of solar has been gaining ground in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) for the last year. Indeed, its first Renewable energy country attractiveness indices of 2012, Ernst & Young pointed to the region as holding much promise when it comes to solar.

This January, GTM Research further forecast that the annual solar market in MENA countries will reach nearly 3.5 GW by 2015, thus encompassing 8% of total global demand in 2015.

Saudi Arabia, in particular, is leading the solar way, having unveiled its plans to install 53 GW of renewable energy by 2032, of which 41 GW is expected to comprise solar thermal and photovoltaic projects. K.A.Care released a white paper last week, detailing the proposed competitive procurement process of this program.