1 MW CIGS reference project completed in China


Located in Shilin Town, it is said to be the largest grid connected CIGS (copper indium gallium (di)selenide) project in China. Using around 12,500 modules, it is comprised of ground-mounted, rooftop and BIPV systems.

While Manz provided the necessary modules – produced on the company’s research line in Germany – Beijing Sanglin Lantian Ltd. Co. invested in the project. A spokesperson for Manz could not divulge the financial sum invested, or say if the company was working on any other projects in China.

Commenting on the use of CIGS technology over crystalline photovoltaics, Xiao-Yi Wang, president and shareholder of project, stated, "In comparison with the crystalline solar modules already installed, the Manz CIGS solar modules yield up to 10% more.

"That is an absolutely decisive figure which underscores sustainably the immense potential of this technology and impressively demonstrates the benefits of the favourable temperature coefficients of CIGS in the almost subtropical climate of Yunnan."

Manz founder and CEO, Dieter Manz added that in mass production, the company’s CIGS thin film modules are now over 13% efficient "on a stable basis."