New joint venture OurSun Solar Power Ltd. launched to promote solar power in Pakistan


A new joint venture between Lahore-based meeco Services and a collective of local industry leaders has been created to promote and develop the fledgling solar power industry in Pakistan.

OurSun Solar Power Ltd. was founded by the managing partner of Orient Power, Nadeem Babar, and Adnan Asdar, the managing partner shareholder of Multinet. They have been joined by the directors and co-shareholders of meeco Services (subsidiary of Switzerland-headquartered The meeco Group), Amer Ashfaq and Saad Zafar, who will jointly head up this new solar venture.

The meeco Group has been laying the groundwork for the development of solar power in India for a few years, and guided by the strong industry presence and local knowledge of their new partners, believe OurSun Solar Power Ltd. will prove pivotal in the early development of Pakistan’s solar industry.

The company has already secured 1.7 MW of PV projects across four separate sites in the Lahore region, with meeco Services taking responsibility for all EPC (engineering, procurement, construction) services, as well as design, layout and supervision. Their industry partners will oversee all legal support, executiong planning, contracts and administrative services.

"The strategy of supplying dedicated solar power to our customers will enable us to tackle an unreliable grid and constantly rising energy costs," said meeco Group’s sales director, Dieter Trutschler.