BELECTRIC completes four Californian solar facilities totaling 7.8 MW


BELECTRIC Inc., the North American arm of global EPC solar company BELECTRIC, has this week announced the completion of four individual solar facilities in San Bernandino County – the first solar projects to be completed under the Southern California Edison (SCE) California Renewable Energy Small Tariff (CREST) FIT program.

Each of the four projects was completed in late December 2013, and boast a combined capacity of 7.8 MW. The largest single solar facility is 1.95 MW.

"BELECTRIC has proven again that we can permit, design, build and commission California projects in record time," said BELECTRIC Inc. CEO, Karl Markert. "We were approached by a developer with this set of projects that had their CREST Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) expiring in December 2013. Using local professional support and leveraging our relationships with SCE, CAISO, and local government partners, our in-house development, engineering and construction (EPC) team was able to meet the aggressive schedule.

"This portfolio of projects brings our California project count to nine solar power plants, and we are always looking for new opportunities."

The four PV facilities are expected to deliver clean solar power to an estimated 1,900 local households a year, mitigating the effects of 10,290 metric tons of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. During the peak of their construction, 250 jobs were created, largely filled through the use of local subcontractors.

The long-term operator of the projects will be The Sustainable Power Group (sPower). The company’s CEO, Ryan Creamer, said: "We are pleased to have these projects as part of our portfolio and commend the hard work of BELECTRIC and Southern California Edison in finishing these projects before the end of the year.

"We look forward to providing SCE’s customers with solar electricity from these projects for the next 20 years."