Solar cross-border project in Korean peninsula


A solar project aimed at generating 1 MW of power annually may sound modest but represents an attempt to defuse tensions on the Korean peninsula.

A plan to install South Korean solar panels on a factory park in the North Korean border city of Kaesong will take place on a site described by news agency Yonhap as ‘the last remaining symbol of inter-Korean economic co-operation.’

Under the scheme the factory park – which combines South Korean technology and capital with North Korean cheap labor, according to an online Yonhap report yesterday – would generate 1 MW with power output eventually rising to 20 MW with the addition of wind and other renewable technologies to the mix.

The project is part of a ‘green detente’ aimed at defusing tensions through co-operation on environmental projects, an unnamed official from the South’s unification ministry told Yonhap.

Tensions are brewing in the peninsula after alleged nuclear tests by the North.