SolarCity launches global microgrid service

Municipalities, remote communities, military bases and hospitals will now be able to tap distributed solar+storage and a load management system in a financed product provided by SolarCity. The company is pitching the service to communities in which there are high-energy costs and/or that are vulnerable to power outages.

SolarCity says that the GridLogic will supply solar electricity at prices below those provided by utilities with backup power an “added benefit.”

GridLogic can be provided as an adjunct to regular utility electricity supply or as an isolated micro grid.

In covering the announcement, the New York Times has described the move the following way: “SolarCity, a vocal critic of the utility industry, joins it.”

SolarCity has pointed to an increase in severe weather events and resultant power outages as a driver of demand when it comes to backup power supply. It notes that 2012’s Hurricane Sandy cause more than 8.5 million power outages across 21 states. On the website it has launched to promote the GridLogic concept, SolarCity sets out how “critical systems” will be powered by the system, while less vital services limited.

The company has been targeting the U.S. east coast new build market recently, in a partnership with home builders.

GridLogic will be rolled out globally.

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