Energy Storage

Study: 100% global energy system feasible

Several scientist have joined to rebut an Australian article that questions the feasibility of a global energy transition. For this purpose, they have gathered hundreds of studies on energy systems and conclude, that there are neither fundamental technical nor financial barriers to achieve 100% renewable energy supply.

Solar, wind will drive the value of energy storage in the US

A much heralded report shows solar and wind will lower wholesale prices, but it also shows a coming evolution in the pricing profile of the grid. These shifts in timing, shape, regularity and length will drive energy storage demand.

PV inverter market becoming more diversified as price pressure intensifies – IHS Markit

PV inverter shipment volumes have gone up recently, but an increasingly competitive market has seen declining prices, forcing manufacturers to think out of the box to find new business applications for their products.

By 2030, EVs could outnumber the total vehicles in India today

To smoothen this transition, the country needs to build fast solar PV-powered charging stations. In 2017, there were only 220-250 operational charging stations in India, compared to 56,000 petrol stations.

Crowd investment kicking off PV, storage system market in developing countries

Autarsys reports the roll-out of two off-grid battery systems in Madagascar. Thanks to crowd investment, its order books are full. Streamlining the process of investment, the Germany-based start-up will cooperate with crowd investment platforms, Greenvesting and Ecoligo.

Brazil’s first solar-plus-storage power plant to come online

The plant, which consists of a 300 kW solar installation and a 1 MW storage system, was built by local power utility Cemig in partnership with Grupo Algar. The project is located in Uberlândia, in the state of Minas Gerais, which is the Brazilian region with the highest penetration of solar and renewables – and a grid that is in a urgent need of improvement.

Battery Inverter Webinar with Kaco: Your questions answered

Kaco developed its Blueplanet gridsave 50.0 TL3-S battery inverter based on experience gained from storage projects in Europe. In pv magazine‘s recent webinar in partnership with Kaco, a number of questions were raised about the device, which the experts now answer.

From black to green in Flanders

The installation of an 18 MW battery storage system shows the region’s pioneering work in integrating innovative storage systems to its electricity grid.


Anesco to deploy 380 MW of storage by 2020

The renewable energy developer claims that more opportunities in the UK storage business will be created by the balancing mechanism and growing demand for storage retrofits.

Blue Sky Energy offers saltwater-based residential solar storage

Interview: Saltwater technology is similar to that of lead battery storage, but only natural materials are used. Helmut Mayer, Managing Director of Blue Sky Energy, explains how this compares to lithium-ion, which currently dominates the residential PV sector.