Update: Jinko responds to fire at wafer facility


The fire reportedly broke out at 6am and was put out by 10am local time. The JinkoSolar statement says that the fire was put out in under an hour.

While 1,000 people are employed at the facility, Jinko has reported that nobody was killed or injured in the blaze. It adds that residents in the surrounding area where also not affected by the blaze.

Analyst group EnergyTrend first reported the blaze on its website this morning, after being reported by a Chinese "netizen."

"The incident is not expected to have any material impact on the Company’s operations, financials or delivery commitments to its customers," the JinkoSolar statement reads. "The Company maintains insurance coverage for all the manufacturing equipment and has started the process to make the relevant insurance claims. The cause of the fire remains under investigation."

Regrettably this morning’s fire is not the first manufacturing misadventure to have befallen JinkoSolar. In 2011 a chemical spill at its Haining manufacturing plant in China’s Zhejiang province resulted in villager protests due to river contamination.

Today’s JinkoSolar statement says that it: "continues to take all necessary steps to ensure compliance with all work safety and environmental rules and regulations."