Risen unveils plan to develop 1 GW in Inner Mongolia


China is no stranger to ambitious solar goals. The latest has come from less-prominent Chinese solar company Risen Energy. Risen announced that it signed an agreement to supply 200 MW of modules for a PV power plant in Wuhai City, in Inner Mongolia. Risen will then establish a company to develop the remainder of the 1 GW it has planned through the region.

Risen will utilize “friendly consultations” in Wuhai City to realize the PV projects, the company states.

The Risen solar technology website states that the company had targeted a module capacity of 1 GW by the start of 2014. It has developed 100 MW of projects in Europe and has five subsidiaries across China. Risen recently announced it had raised over $400 million for distributed generation projects in China and PV power plants in Mexico.

Risen reports that Wuxi City is well situated geographically for development, situated at an important strategic juncture between a number of economic regions. It has high solar irradiation.

Risen Energy CEO Wang Hong said that if the agreement is approved that it will expand Risen’s domestic market share.