pv magazine launches SNEC 50 Technology Highlights Special


As the highly anticipated SNEC 2015 exhibition looms ever closer on the horizon, pv magazine has hand-picked 50 of the top technology highlights that are set to shape not just the show, but the entire global solar manufacturing landscape over the coming few years.

pv magazine‘s 50 Technology Highlights special is your expert guide to the latest PV production innovations, covering everything from new tooling technology to smarter ways to reduce BOS costs, boost efficiencies and increase yield.

The production equipment and materials featured in the special publication extend across the entire PV manufacturing segment, including rapidly growing solutions such as PERC, to busbarless contacting, glass-glass encapsulation, right through to next generation applications like tandem perovskite technology.

According to Professor Martin Green from the University of New South Wales, now is an exciting time for technological innovation in the solar PV industry.

"It seems to me that a transition is taking place with many of the leading companies now switching from the standard back-surface field kind of processing approach to the passivated emitter rear cell (PERC). Things are starting to happen there finally. We always felt that things had to happen there eventually but it has taken a while," he said.

Continued Green: "The industry is of the nature now that the processes that become cheap are those that everyone adopts. It is not the unique solutions that drive the industry forward; it’s the solutions that everyone can share in and improve on."