IRENA: Renewable energy can meet a quarter of India’s energy demand

As India’s energy needs are rising fast, the increased use of renewables in 2030 could save the economy 12 times the installation costs, when reduced environmental and health damage are taken into account, shows International Renewable Energy Agency’s roadmap to 2030, ranking solar as the country’s second largest source of renewable energy.

Haiti inaugurates the largest smart-grid in the Caribbean

A smart-grid project combining PV generation and battery storage has been unveiled in Haiti. The project is the result of collaboration between the Biohaus Foundation and relief organization NPH Germany. The project will substantially reduce the nation’s reliance on diesel generators.

UK researchers launch PV generation forecasting tool

A team of researchers at the University of Sheffield has developed a service to forecast energy generation levels from PV up to three days in advance, allowing grid operators to make decisions further in advance, lowering costs and increasing the efficiency of electricity systems.

Researchers create solar cell and inverter in single device

Researchers from Spain based organization nanoGUNE have developed a solar cell which, through the use of magnetic electrodes, is able to serve as its own inverter.

Researchers one step closer to efficient, colorful solar panels

Researchers at the Netherlands’ AMOLF Institute have developed a method for imprinting solar panels with silicon nanopatterns that scatter green light back towards the observer.


Natcore to consult on 20 MW project in Ghana

After the 20 MW PV project planned in the Central region of Ghana was threatened with a 29% feed in tariff reduction, UK based solar developer PSECC Solar Farms turned to Natcore, with the aim of bringing in higher efficiency technology that would make the project financially viable.

Swiss university spin-off develops grid analysis software

Zurich based startup Adaptricity, which grew out of leading university the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH Zurich) is preparing to launch a software system which can simulate and analyze regional electrical grids, potentially a valuable tool for investors and grid operators.

Researchers use polystyrene to upgrade perovskite solar cells

Polystyrene does not only bring down manufacturing costs of perovskite solar cells, but also improves their stability, researchers show.


Father and son Australian company develops lightweight, solar-powered drone

The new drone features standard solar cells, which are encapsulated in composite material without losing efficiency.


Imec hits 23.9% efficiency on 4cm² tandem perovskite/silicon module

Belgian research institute Imec has achieved a conversion efficiency of 23.9% on a perovskite/silicon tandem module measuring 4 square centimeters. This efficiency level, according to Imec, represents the first time such a stacked configuration has outperformed a standalone silicon solar cell.