Schneider Electric, Saft selected for two French 1 MW PV+storage arrays


Islands continue to be at the forefront of large scale solar+storage applications. The latest contract to be announced, comes in the form of two solar+storage arrays to be constructed on the French Mediterranean island of Corsica.

The two arrays, both with 1 MW of storage capacity coupled to 1 MWh of battery storage have been designed to store solar electricity generated on site during the day, for discharge at peak demand periods after sunset.

France’s Langa Group is developing the projects. Schneider Electric is leading the design, construction and supply consortium on the project and will its PVBox inverter systesm, its ESBox battery power electronics, and its energy management system. Saft will supply its lithium-ion Intensium Max+ 20E battery units, with each 1 MWh battery being delivered in a 20-foot container.

“Energy storage systems are required for continued growth of renewable energies: they will allow to integrate energy production into the distribution grid in an optimized way,” said Hervé Guérin, founder and CEO of Langa Group. “We were convinced by the solution proposed by Schneider Electric and Saft, two French leaders in their markets. Their expertise in solar energy and energy storage, their competitive offer, along with their local presence have been key in our choice.”

Schneider Electric will also be responsible for the grid connection of the projects. The company is currently completing the power installation and grid connection of the 300 MW Cestas project near Bordeaux in France’s southwest, which when completed will be Europe’s largest PV power plant.

The projects are being developed by the Langa Group under French public tender scheme for renewable energy, known by the abbreviation CRE. The rollout of the various rounds of the CRE program has been pray to political machinations within the French government, with the latest round long overdue.

Last month France launched a solar+storage tender process for its island territories. Island and mining energy consultants THEnergy predicts that the tender will result in €100 million in projects being realized.

Langa currently owns and operates around 100 MW of PV projects, and has 300 MW of renewable projects in development or under construction.

Earlier this month, pv magazine published a special battery storage publication, which is available for free download here.