Enphase to debut AC battery Down Under


Since its debut at the Solar Power International trade show in Las Vegas last year, there has been a level of anticipation regarding Enphases’ AC Battery offering. The modular battery system uses Japanese lithium-based battery technology coupled with Enphase power conversion and energy management systems.

Enphase says that Australia was selected due to the company’s strong presence in the country and growing market share. Enphase says that it has captured around 8% market share Down Under.

“Australia has always been a strategic market for Enphase,” said Enphase Asia-Pacific managing director Nathan Dunn. “In the last two years since we’ve established a direct presence here, we’ve continued to see strong growth and demand for our microinverter systems. Enphase sees tremendous potential for the AC Battery in Australia and we are delighted to be the first country in the world to be introducing the Enphase AC Battery commercially.”

The announcement was made at the Disruption & The Energy Industry Conference currently underway in Sydney.

The Enphase AC Battery is designed to be integrated into the cloud-based Enphase Energy Management System. The system itself allows households to maximize the self consumption of the electricity produced by a rooftop solar array. Given that solar feed in tariffs are being revised downwards in various states, provides an additional motivation for households.

The 1.2 kWh battery unit weighs 18kg and can be installed by a single installer. It is designed to be modular in nature, with households able to add more 1.2 kWh battery units as the advantages of storage become apparent. Japan’s ELIIY Power provides the lithium-based battery cells integrated into the unit. While primarily aimed at residential consumers, Enphase’s battery team says that commercial customers can also be served by the product, through coupling a number of units for increased storage capacity.

Enphase says that its AC Battery will be available in Australia in 2016, with existing customers given priority access.

Enphase has been active in Australia since 2013 and claims to be the dominant microinverter supplier. China’s APS is also active Down Under, with the country being one of the most important market for microinverter rival. In the statement announcing the AC Battery rollout, Enphase described the Australian market as declining.