Gsolar delivers 75 MW module assembly line to India


China’s solar manufacturing equipment suppliers are having some success in serving manufacturers outside of China, with the Gsolar announcing the achievement a significant milestone this week. The Chinese equipment supplier revealed this week that it has shipped and installed a 75 MW automated production line to India. Installation is currently being carried out.

The line includes IV + EL testing equipment, an inline EL detector, 24 layer stacker, and an automatic framing machine. With a 75 MW nameplate capacity, Gsolar says that the line is capable of turning out 250,000 modules a year.

Indian manufacturer HHV placed the order for the equipment in June, with the line having been shipped on August 3, and installation commenced on September 9. Representatives from Yingli, Trina, Jinko, Jaso and Topray Solar inspected the Gsolar lines before they were shipped to India.

Gsolar has informed pv magazine that HHV will produce modules that meet international standards and are certified by third-party testing bodies using the equipment.

The development of the PV industry in India is taking place across the solar supply chain, with the Indian national and some regional governments interested in seeing manufacturing fostered along with downstream deployment.

This article was amended on September 20, to delete the cost of the line, at the request of the purchaser. It was also altered to reflect the fact that representatives from Chinese manufacturers inspected the lines before they were shipped to India, and not at the HHV facilities.