Polish perovskites attracts Japanese investor


With rapid efficiency increase being achieved in laboratories in many parts of the world, activity around perovskites for solar applications is continuing to capture headlines. The latest comes from Poland’s Saule Technologies, which has attracted the investment of an undisclosed amount from Japan’s Hideo Sawada.

Sawada is the founder of one of Japan’s largest travel companies H.I.S. and is an early stage investor in a number of technology companies in the U.S. and Asia.

The investment in Saule Technologies by Sawada comes on the back of a grant the company picked up from Poland’s National Center or Research and Development and funding from ARP Venture, a venture capital arm of state owned Grupa Kapita?owa Agencji Rozwoju Przemys?u.

Saule Technologies is attempting to commercialize perovskite semiconductor technology developed by Olga Malinkiewicz that involves low temperature perovskite application onto PET foil to create a semi-transparent PV cell. Malinkiewicz developed the process with two other polish scientists in Boston in 2014. The process employs digital ink-jet printing of pervoskites in a vacuum-free process. Conversion efficiencies achieved in the process have not been made public.

The investment deal between Saule and Sawada was signed at a ceremony attended by Polish Deputy Prime Minister Janusz Piechoci?ski.

“The new technology being developed by Saule Technologies has an enormous potential to revolutionize the solar power market,” said Sawada at the signing event. “We are pleased to engage in this project and we will be supporting the company created by Olga Malinkiewicz in pursuit of their aims.”

Saule Technologies has previously presented its approach in a number of technology forums in both Europe and the U.S. and has met with Airbus researchers and members of the Polish military to explore applications of its technology.