Sheen Tai receives approval for another large-scale Chinese PV plant


Indirect wholly owned subsidiary, Xuzhou Sheentai New Energy Power Company Limited has received approval for a 15 MW solar PV project. Following approval of another 15 MW back in April, the company now has the go ahead to construct a 30 MW plant in Wei Ji Town, in China’s Jiangsu Province.

In the April release, the company said the first 15 MW approved should be online by this December 31, while today’s release pertaining to the second 15 MW, said it should be grid connected by next January 31. An investment of RMB 240 million (around US$38 million) is anticipated.

In May, Sheen Tai subsidiary, Hami Sheentai New Energy Power Company Limited, received approval for a 200 MW solar PV project, to be located in Xinjiang, requiring an investment of RMB 1.8 billion (around $284 million). No further details were divulged.