Jordan: Exosun picks up 11 MW tracker order, Wheeling program shows promise


Tracking technology is continuing to make headway in the MENAT region, with Exosun set to provide 11 MW of its technology to three arrays on hotel properties. The developers claim the projects will provide the Sheraton and Marriott hotels in Anman, along with eh Marriott Dead Sea hotel with all of their electricity demand.

Phoenix Solar is the project developer with Millennium Energy Industries to carry out the construction. Exosun reports that it will provide support during the installation phase. Phoenix will provide operations and maintenance.

The projects are being developed under Jordan’s Power Wheeling program, which is effectively a virtual net metering regime, is considered to be an attractive framework under which merchant PV can be deployed in the country. The Jordan Electric Power Co and Electric Distribution Company is the utility and grid operator respectively.

Jordan’s Wheeling program allows for offsite PV projects to supply electricity to the grid, with the kWh generated being deducted off of a business’s electricity bill.

“[The Wheeling program has] opened up the market to larger size projects because most of the large commercial businesses are inside large vertical buildings in the cities, and therefore, there isn’t enough roof space to cover their energy needs,” explains Samer Zawaydeh, a Jordan-based freelance engineering consultant, in an interview with pv magazine. Wheeling projects can offer solutions to such problems and can, “be anywhere between 100 kW to 25 MW, while the majority of these projects that are available in the markets are between 1 to 3MW.”

The deployment of tracking technology will presumably increase electricity yield and also provide a generation profile spread across the whole day.

“Installed on desert land, this project will be an important showcase for Exosun in Jordan and the Middle-East to demonstrate once again the reliability and cost-efficiency of our tracking technology,” said Frédéric Conchy, President of Exosun, in a statement.

“Exosun’s cost-efficient, robust, fast to install tracking technology will maximize the performance of our client’s power plants,” added Klaus Friedl, SVP Projects, Head Middle East, Phoenix Solar. The projects are scheduled for completion Q2 2016.

Jordan is considered one of the leading solar markets in the MENAT region, with BNEF forecasting some 210 MW of solar to be installed in the country in 2016.

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