IBC Solar to expand in Japan with EPC license


Showing signs that IBC Solar wants to further position itself in the Japanese solar market, the company has applied for a EPC license in the company, which it expects it will receive as soon as July. It will allow the company to take full charge of its projects within the country, where it has had a solar presence for a number of years.

The granting of this license will enable IBC Solar to expand the number of services that it can offer in Japan. The company considers itself one of the ideal solar developers for the country, as it claims to specialize “in smaller projects (between 1 and 5 MWp) in topographically challenging areas,” which is often the case in Japan.

“We are happy to make an even bigger contribution to the Japanese energy transition with the EPC license,” commented Harald Bultmann Director EPC International. “The change in the political climate in recent years, as well as related funding programs and feed-in tariffs, are making Japan a very interesting market economically.”

IBC has already had a presence on the Japanese solar scene for a number of years, but with this new EPC license, it will become one of the only internationally-active EPC companies able to complete turnkey projects on its own in Japan, without needing a local construction partner to take full responsibility for the construction. Currently the company is working on a number of projects within the country with a combined capacity of 20 MW, which it hopes to have finalized by the end of 2016.