Sharp to jointly develop a 10 MW solar plant in Mongolia


The vast central Asian country seems to be taking a leaf out of its neighbor’s book, by beginning, albeit tentatively, its journey into large-scale solar power generation. It is starting proceedings with a 10MW plant in the country’s second largest city Darkhan, which will have three companies partnering up for its development.

A 291,000 M2 piece of land will be used for the facility. Sharp will be taking one of the leading roles in the plant, supplying PV modules, mounting structures and inverters, while also providing system designing and engineering services. It has been approved as a project under the JCM Model Projects scheme, which is an initiative by the Japanese government to spread low carbon technologies to developing countries.

Another Japanese company, Shigemitsu Shoji, will take part in the development, and will provide operational and management services to the plant for the next 25 years. Local Mongolian partner, Solar Power International LLC, will also play a role.

The three companies do not plan on hanging around, and are due to start construction on the site by the end of the month, with an ambitious target of having it operational by the end of the year. It will hopefully signify the first step on the way to reducing carbon emissions within the country, which still relies heavily on coal power.