Argentina to hold 1 GW renewable energy auction in October


On Monday, Argentina published definitive rules for the an auction for 1 GW of renewable energy projects (in Spanish), which includes a quota of 300 MW for solar PV projects.

A new timetable sets the awarding of bids for October 12, two weeks later than established in preliminary rules in May of this year. Signing of contracts is planned for November.

With this, the clock has begun ticking towards the first auction under the Renovar renewable energy program. Bids will be accepted until September 5.

Bidders will be able to access tax benefits under the agency’s Renewable Energy Development Program. They are also able to utilize World Bank guarantees, as established in the final specifications.

Eligible projects will have a capacity from 1-100 MW, and must be completed in a timeframe of two years or less. Currently the deadline is 730 days with the exception of PV projects in certain locations, for which the deadline is 900 days.

In this way, Argentina joins other Latin American nations which have recently chosen to launch public auctions for renewable energy, with specific categories for solar PV. One of these is Peru, which in February awarded 185 MW of PV projects and Brazil, which awarded around 2 GW of solar PV last year.

Argentina has set an objective to get 8% of its electricity from renewable energy in 2017, and 20% in 2025.

Translated by/traducido por Christian Roselund. Para leer el original en Español, por favor vea el sitio de web pv magazine Latinoamérica.