New solar tenders planned for Jordan


Continuing its trajectory as the regional solar powerhouse, Jordan is putting plans in place for further solar and wind projects within the country. The president of the Middle East Solar Industry Association (MESIA) met with Jordan’s Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources Ibrahim Seif when the plans were revealed.

According to the discussions, which also included MESIA outlining ways in which it can collaborate with the country, Jordan will launch Round 3 of its solar tender shortly after the Muslim celebration of EID Mubarak, which began today. During this tender, between 400 MW and 800 MW of solar and wind will be up for grabs, claimed MESIA.

Also mentioned in the organizations announcement was Jordan’s Green Corridor project, which will be a vital aspect of integrating renewable energy into the country’s energy mix. The program aims to help the country integrate energy from solar and from wind by building a new network of cables and by expanding power stations.

It is more good news for the solar PV industry in a country in which it is growing slowly but surely. Already this month, a 22 MW solar farm was put into full operation by Scatec Solar south of Amman, and then a few days later RAI Energy International announced that it had also put into operation a 20 MW PV power plant, this time north of the Jordanian capital. It will all contribute to the target of having 10% of the country’s energy generated by renewable sources by 2020.