4.8 TWh awarded to PV projects in Mexico auction


They announced the winners of the second power auction in Mexico on Wednesday the preliminary results of the tender. Included within the category of clean energy were 4.8 terawatt hours per year and 4.9 million Clean Energy Certificates assigned to solar PV projects.

Slightly more than half of the quota awarded within the clean energy category was awarded to PV projects, while the rest was largely made up of wind projects. The average price for projects within the clean energy category was USD 33.47 per MWh.

Of the 23 winning bidders, 14 were successful with PV projects.

Spanish company Acciona, in a consortium with Mexican company Tuto Energy, announced that it had been awarded a 227 MW project in Sonora, that it will build itself. The construction is expected to commence in late 2017, while it is expected to be put into operation in early 2019.

Another Spanish company, Grenergy, also announced that it had been awarded a 30 MW project in Guanajuato.

Mexican company Ienova is reported to have won two projects totaling 141 MW: the 41 MW Rumorosa Solar project in Baja California, and the 100 MW Tepezala II Solar project in Aguascalientes. The latter project will be developed and built in partnership with Trina Solar. Planned investment for the two projects stands at USD 150 million.

According to the results, other PV projects have been awarded to X-Elio Energy, OPDE and Consorcio Fotowatio. In total, there are around 15 PV power project winners.

Overall, there were 8.9 TWh of energy and 8.9 million Clean Energy Certificates awarded to PV, wind, geothermal and hydro projects in the clean energy category. 1,187 MW were also awarded to different technologies in the power category. The Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) will purchase the energy from all of the projects.

All of the awarded plants combined should account for new installations of 2,871 MW. Planned investments in these projects over the next three years stands at USD 4 billion.

During the presentation of the tender’s results on Wednesday, the Mexican government announced that it is working on the design of a third power auction to take place in April 2017.

This article has been translated from Spanish to English by Sam Pothecary. For the original, please visit our Latin America site.