Huawei expands operations in Europe


As Chinese PV companies continue to consolidate their position as the global force in solar manufacturing, one of the country’s leading string inverter manufacturers has announced an expansion of its European production facility. Huawei uses its European Supply Center in Eindhoven, Netherlands, to service forty countries in the European, Central Asian and Russian market, and believes this expansion will be able to add further value to its business in those regions.

The facility opened in May 2015, and has since almost doubled its volume, now with the capacity to produce 100,000 units per months, of which 7,000 are inverters. Interestingly, the new manufacturing capabilities at the facility will enable the company to amend and tailor the software and licensing for its inverters, which Huawei argues will enable it to increase flexibility.

“Today marks a significant milestone in the development of Huawei Solar’s European business with enhancements to our supply chain operation and, most notably, the integration of our new inverter production facility,” commented Huawei Solar Europe General Manager Guoguang Chen. “We are taking an end-to-end approach and reviewing operations from storage through to delivery. We have shortened production lead-time greatly and honed our ability to finish production within several hours for urgent orders.”

DHL partnership

Part of Huawei’s plan to improve the service for its European customers is to improve on the delivery time of its products. To achieve this, the company has entered into a cooperation with DHL to provide an improved delivery service.

“With DHL’s professional operation, the result is an entirely customized logistics operation that meets the different requirements of our customers and fine-tunes our own operations so that we are now in a position to deliver products to European customers faster than ever,” continued Chen.