Solar awarded entire 200 MW capacity in France’s mixed energy auction


A total of 16 solar projects have been awarded in a mixed energy auction in France, which saw large-scale PV competing against onshore wind for the first time. The aim of the auction was to test the relative competitiveness of the two technologies, said the government.

According to a statement issued, bids for the PV projects were more competitive than those for wind. Overall, 202.5 MW of capacity has been awarded for an average price of €54.94/MWh.

“The results of this call for tenders demonstrate both the very high competitiveness of solar power on the ground and the need to develop a balanced and diversified renewable electricity mix …” said Energy Minister François de Rugy.

Location and capacity of the selected projects.

Image: French Government

In August, during the fourth – and latest – solar auction out of a total of six planned, the French government selected 103 solar projects worth 727.9 MWp. Here, the lowest tariff – an “all time low” – came in at €52.1/MWh.

Overall, France is aiming to install 4 GW of large-scale solar PV via six auctions.

Meanwhile, in the first six months of this year, the country’s solar market grew by 59%, mainly driven by large-scale solar. Cumulative installed PV power at the time had surpassed 8.5 GW. Despite the growth, it looks likely that the government’s 10.2 GW 2018 target will be missed.