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Jenny Chase predicts up to 194 GW of solar this year

Falling module prices will help PV post another record year after an estimated 132 GW was installed worldwide in 2020, according to an energy transition investment trends report published by Bloomberg New Energy Finance.


EU records annual rise of 7 TWh in third-quarter solar output

European renewables, including Spanish solar, made big gains as energy demand recovered before the second wave of Covid infections. Nuclear was a notable loser, in part because clean energy volumes in the north of the continent drove down power prices sufficiently to make reactors uncompetitive.


Engie, Total plan 40 MW solar-powered electrolyzer

The two French energy giants have announced a partnership agreement to develop, build and operate the Masshylia project – a 40 MW electrolyzer coupled with solar parks at the Total biorefinery in Châteauneuf-les-Martigues, in the southern region of Provence-Alpes-Côte d´Azur.


Engie, Neoen plan 1 GW solar-plus-storage project in France

The two French companies have announced Horizeo, a massive project that includes a solar plant, battery storage, a green hydrogen production unit, a data center, and an agrivoltaic facility. The huge project is scheduled for completion in 2026.


French developer secures PPA for 5 MW agrivoltaic project

The solar park will host sheep grazing and sell power to green energy provider Enercoop under a 30-year PPA.


France’s PV tender for non-interconnected areas produces average price of €0.0986/kWh

The French government allocated 57 MW of PV capacity across 47 projects through the tender. Réunion and Guadeloupe were the territories with the largest allocated capacities.

Agrivoltaics prevail in France’s tender for innovative PV technologies

The French energy regulator has allocated 146.2 MW in the procurement exercise. The final average price was €0.0815/kWh.


French parliament approves retroactive FIT cuts for pre-2011, large scale PV

The representatives of the French solar industry have already mobilized against the controversial measure and said they are studying all possible legal actions.

Bulgaria and Romania set to be EU solar hotspots

Each of the nations, like Greece, will have gigawatt-plus solar additions in 2024, according to Solarpower Europe, enough to carve out a 3% slice of an anticipated 35 GW regional market.


End of subsidies could fuel the corporate PPA boom in Europe

Pioneering solar projects which signed ten-year feed-in tariff agreements will soon need to operate free of subsidy and with local authorities like the City of London starting to embrace direct contracts with renewables generators, the PPA market could be set for another turbo charge.