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France hits 20 GW milestone

France added around 3.2 GW of new PV capacity in 2023, with about 955 MW in the fourth quarter alone. The nation hit 20.0 GW of total installed PV capacity at the end of December 2023.

The Hydrogen Stream: First hydrogen coach ready for mass-production

GCK Mobility has secured French government approval for the first homologation of a hydrogen-retrofitted coach for series production, while Forvia and Air Liquide have agreed with FAW Jiefang to equip heavy-duty trucks with liquid hydrogen storage systems in China.

Socomec releases new modular energy storage system

Socomec says its new modular energy storage system includes a converter and up to six battery cabinets. At maximum capacity, it can store 1,116 kWh.


French consortium unveils multi-functional solar roofing solution

A French consortium has developed a roofing solution that integrates solar, storage, rainwater management, and the protection of vegetation. The group says plants under the PV modules can increase solar power generation by more than 10%.

Sunwind releases vertical PV kit with anti-theft structure

Sunwind’s patented Vertisolar solution features two 352 W full-black PERC solar modules, a microinverter, a connection system, and a monitoring device. The package includes an anti-theft system that also protects the wiring and the microinverter.


Imeon developing silicon carbide inverters

Imeon, a French hybrid inverter manufacturer, has partnered with École Nationale Supérieure de l’Électronique et de ses Applications (ENSEA) and engineering school CentraleSupélec to develop new silicon carbide inverters.

The Hydrogen Stream: US funding 16 geologic hydrogen exploration projects

The US Department of Energy (DoE) has announced plans to invest $20 million in 16 projects across eight states to accelerate the exploration of geologic hydrogen.


Veolia to roll out 300 MW of solar on landfills in France

Veolia plans to develop more than 40 solar projects on restored landfill sites in France amid dire shortage of suitable land for renewables development. The company expects the first plants to be operational by 2027.

France’s Feedgy unveils semi-transparent HJT modules for agrivoltaics

Feedgy’s new modules feature 96 heterojunction (HJT) cells and are available in five power ratings, from 300 Wp to 320 Wp, with a transparency of 39%. The panels can be used for gardening, arboriculture and floriculture.


French developer testing 150 kW electrolyzer at 12 MW solar plant

Corsica Solar says its 150 kW electrolyzer will be powered exclusively by PV electricity during peak hours.


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