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New tracker design for agrivoltaics

Spanish company Axial Structural is introducing a new type of tracker for agrivoltaic installations. The product can be adapted to various ground conditions and gradients, with programmable to optimize light and shade for different crops in different climates.


More details on France’s new FIT for PV projects up to 500 kW

The provisions for a fixed feed-in tariff (FIT) for all PV systems up to 500 kW in size have finally been published in France’s Official Journal – after an agonizing two year wait. pv magazine France provides the low down on tariffs, caps, carbon criteria, and integration.


French consortium develops bio-based PV modules

Roctool, a French production equipment supplier, has teamed up with the CEA-Liten research institute to develop 300 mm x 300 mm solar modules based on recycled, bio-based materials via a novel manufacturing process. The first prototypes will be unveiled over the next few months.

French government confirms FIT of €0.098/kWh for PV systems up to 500 kW

PV project developers can secure France’s feed-in tariff without participating in tenders.

Large scale solar-plus-hydrogen project secures 25-year PPA in French Guiana

The PPA was awarded by French utility EDF. The facility relies on a 55 MW solar unit, a 16 MW electrolyzer, storage tanks and 3 MW of fuel cells.


Solar-plus-hydrogen for air traffic control

A 19.8 kW PV system is powering a telecommunications antenna at a French air control center. When it produces more energy than needed, the surplus is used to produce hydrogen which is then utilized to produce new electricity via a fuel cell system and provide power to the antenna during a period of up to five days. For short-term storage, lithium-ion batteries are used.

Agrivoltaics for viticulture

French specialist Sun’Agri installed a pilot facility on five hectares in southern France in 2018. Its goal is to protect the vines from weather hazards and to improve the quality of the wine by lowering its alcohol content. The first harvest took place in mid-September.


Flexible organic PV films on clothing offer charging on the move

The sustainability claims of a crowdfunded ‘e-textile’ range launched by Art by Physicist are borne out by the fact each garment will be printed on demand.

France’s second largest PV plant comes online

Built by the developers TSE and Enerparc, the facility has a capacity of 152 MW and is located in Marville, in northeastern France.

CEA-INES unveils shingled heterojunction PV panel with 21.41% efficiency

The module is claimed to be one of the top five most performant heterojunction solar modules, in terms of power density, with the champion panel achieving 214.15 W/m² and the average device 209.5 W/m². The panel showed an efficiency ranging from 20.95% to 21.41%.