EDF develops its first floating PV project – which will be France’s largest

The 20 MW solar project will be located on the hydroelectric reservoir at Lazer in the Hautes-Alpes, next to the Saint-Sauveur dam.

Glass business Sunpartner Technologies files for insolvency

French BIPV glass manufacturer Sunpartner is seeking buyers for its two businesses after starting insolvency proceedings due to the lack of short-term funding.

Blockchain system prepares morning croissants under a six-building self-consumption project in France

In Prémian, southern France, a blockchain project developed by Sunchain is providing six consumers with solar power and certifying transactions – which also involve local distribution system operator Enedis.


New products contribute to another record year for sustainable finance

BloombergNEF figures show financial vehicles linked to environmental and/or social benefits amounted to $247bn worldwide in 2018. The US led the way, almost entirely because state-backed mortgage provider Fannie Mae issued $19.8bn worth of green home loans.

Europe moves further towards large-scale battery cell production

More than a dozen European ministers of economic affairs have released a statement setting out the next steps to turn Europe into an industrial hub for large-scale cell production. The role of SMEs and competition was highlighted as ministers said European cells should provide innovation in terms of raw material use and sustainability, hinting at a pivot away from lithium-ion.


French PV project developers: Beware of protected species!

The regulations for protected species and the procedure to obtain a derogation are complex and should not be understated by solar PV project developers. The avoidance of the significant risks linked with those regulations requires technical and legal expertise, and support from the very beginning of the development of the project, write lawyers Anouk Darcet-Felfen and Laurence Duriez.

EnerGaïa: Solar will be main pillar of France’s energy transition

The French renewable energy fair confirmed the central role of solar in the country’s energy transition. Despite the current difficult political situation, the event attracted more visitor and exhibitor numbers than ever. Read on to discover the four key takeaways from this year’s EnerGaïa.

EU approves France’s €600 million scheme to support innovative PV

Through the program, the French government is supporting projects ranging in size from 100 kW to 5 MW. Tenders, to award 20-year FIT contracts for projects, will be held by the end of 2019.

Macron delays reduction of nuclear share by a decade, but announces 45 GW solar target by 2030

Although the French President promised that solar capacity will increase fivefold by 2030, France’s new energy strategy will keep nuclear power at the core of its electricity system. The decommissioning of approximately 20% of France’s nuclear power generation assets, originally set by the country’s energy transition law for 2025, has been delayed to 2035. Macron said this plan may be reconsidered, however, if storage technologies help mitigate intermittence issues and if there can be stronger European integration.


France sees increasing activity for private solar PPAs

Energy cooperative Enercoop has issued a request for proposal to select renewable energy projects up to 10 MW in size for which it could award a 15 to 30-year PPA. The move is intended to attract bids for projects built without public support.

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