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Analysis shows large-scale PV still cheapest electricity tech in Australia

The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) GenCost report shows renewables remain the cheapest new-build electricity technology in Australia.

Recom subsidiary Sillia closes plant in France and moves to Italy

The subsidiary operated a module manufacturing facility in Lannion, Brittany, northern France. According to Recom, the annual production capacity of the Sillia plant had been expanded from 50 MW in 2017 to 500 MW. The Recom Group as a whole remains unaffected by this liquidation and is in the process of consolidating its European cell and module manufacturing in one central location in Padua, Italy.


Czechia introduces first rules for agrivoltaics

Under Czechia’s new rules for agrivoltaics, farmers and developers will not need approval to change land designations and zoning plans for agricultural areas devoted to PV generation. The provisions currently only allow agrivoltaics to be deployed in orchards and vineyards.


Netherlands approves grid fees for rooftop PV system owners

The competition regulator in the Netherlands says that the grid fees that big energy suppliers are applying to PV system owners are legitimate. Solar customers currently pay between €100 ($107) and €697, depending on the system size.


Solar panels for large-scale PV selling for €0.10/W in Spain

Spanish developer Solaria says it bought 435 MW of solar modules from an undisclosed supplier for €0.091 ($0.09)/W. Kiwa PI Berlin confirms that average solar module prices for large-scale PV projects in Spain are now around €0.10/W.


Malaysian government launches incentive scheme for residential solar

The Ministry of Energy Transition and Water Transformation in Malaysia is teaming up with private and public partners in the country to offer citizens financial incentives and discounts when adopting solar. It follows a government rebate scheme introduced in April.

Japan allocates 1.09 GW of storage in capacity auction

The Japanese authorities selected 30 battery storage projects in the procurement exercise. The selected developers and plant owners will be awarded a 20-year fixed revenue.


Longi announces 27.30% efficiency for heterojunction back contact solar cell

The Chinese module manufacturer said the new efficiency record was confirmed by Germany’s Institute for Solar Energy Research (ISFH).


Global solar manufacturing sector now at 50% utilization rate, says IEA

The International Energy Agency (IEA) says that global solar cell and module manufacturing capacity grew by around 550 GW in 2023. It reports that around 80% of the global PV manufacturing industry is currently concentrated in China, while India and the United States each hold a 5% share. Europe accounts for a mere 1%.


Italy bans PV from agricultural land

The Italian government has issued a new decree to completely ban solar from agricultural land. The new provisions will not apply to projects currently undergoing the approval process.


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